A Tribute To A Friend Lost

My adventure into trying to be “abled” involved a wonderful lady who was a soul I met online. She encouraged me and upheld me in so many ways.  Her encouragement finally culminated into my buying a website and starting the products I now have today.  She had only 1 product at the time, and her life was very tumultuous due to circumstances beyond her control.

Because my life is so involved with self care it leaves me with little time to deal with others problems.  I hate that  side of all this!  Because of that I spent 6 months trying to be unselfish and caring for her issues.  After 6 months of that it became obvious I could not do both. In a fait accompli I sealed our fate the other night.

I could no longer try to live with my condition and also worry about hers. Damn!  I have never ever wanted to be in a position of that happening. It has only been a week but I so badly want to acknowledge her for the help she gave me starting this company as well as tell her how sorry I am for being incapable of dealing with my own problems as well as hers.

To youn sister I am sorry. you are forever a friend in myheart. I am sorry I hurt you and that is all I can say.  I wish for you the moon,the star and everything in between. I will forever love you.

About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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