A very sweet day Saturday it turned out to be, after I managed to work through the pain I woke with, got dressed and headed up the trail…

The hubby and I had planned a date day a few days prior, and as I lay there on the couch not being able to fall asleep, I wondered if I was going to have the energy to enjoy the day coming soon.  Sometime after 3am when I last looked at the clock,  I finally fell asleep where I lay on the couch.  He didn’t wake me at 8am as he sees I get bloody little sleep regularly, and I finally woke on my own at 10am. Realizing I had wasted a few hours of our date day already, I quickly sat up and tried to start my waking up as fast as I could, which anymore is not very fast at all.

At this point the pain in my bad foot became excruciating and different than I had ever felt before.  Stabbing, sharp pulsating pains with pins and needles in the background, started in waves through the bottom of my foot to the top and straight though.  Tears formed as I tried to stand on my foot and found this to be almost impossible to bear.  Feeling once again crushed as the day appeared to be ruined before I could even start it, which happens pretty regularly, my shoulders slumped and I gingerly limped to the bathroom walking past my sweetie.

And then it happened, as sweet as can be he hugged me and offered to go walk the dog and let me take my time waking up to see if I could regain myself enough to feel up to going out exploring with him.  I had already put us back at least an hour in getting started, and here he was smiling and offering a way to regain what I was sure was dashed. Words cannot describe how fortunate I feel having this person who is so supportive, be a part of my life. Especially reading so many stories every day, of folks who are not so lucky, and have partners who cannot understand their pain nor do they appear to be willing to take the time to learn about it it seems.  Frequently, in reading these posts, I find myself feeling almost guilty for being so lucky to have the partner I do.

Off he and Jasper went to walk and do the morning constitutional, while I stayed behind downing my pain meds and drinking coffee.  After a half hour or so passed the pain started to back off enough that I felt like maybe the day could be recaptured after all! Another cup of coffee and I was getting dressed and hardly limping by that point. Sweet!  Dressed and ready to go I waited for their return. I did  not have to wait long and off the three of us went to walk the quarter mile trail out to the car.

We spent the next 3 hours enjoying the day going to the second hand store and finding treasures and seeing folks not seen in a number of months, as I rarely get out much these days. Then wandering around the grocery store before finally heading home. The sun was shining and it was a balmy 50 degree January day, with the sun shining on our vitamin D deficient skin, making it feel like heaven on earth. It just does not get much better than that!

We made a pact to have Saturday be “our day” from now on, as he is so busy taking care of himself, me and aging parents, that we do not get quality time much these days.  The amount of endorphines and love we both gained from making the time for each other this day was a serious mood elevator and pain squisher!

It is now 6am, and I have been awake all night.  A migraine has been trying to get a foot hold on my head.  I have been able to fend it off for the time being with Butalb, and Hydromorphone.  The thing that has been the biggest help, has been the lavender filled packs I have been making that are microwavable. The flax and rice make them get nice and toasty, and they stay warm for more than 30 minutes, letting you relax and not have to be up and down reheating them.  Placing one of them over my eyes and inhaling the scent of the lavender while concentrating on my breathing has helped to put the brain pain in the background for now.  I am designing more styles of the lavender packs and you can see them at  So far I have the rectangle big enough to lay on for areas of your back, the tube which drapes over your shoulders and the back of your neck and the eye rectangle which fits across the eyes and lays nicely enough to block out the light and stay put.  The rice and flax weight it enough so it feels comfortable and substantial without being too heavy.  I am going to make some that will have eucalyptus in them as well for those of us with sinus issues.

So Sunday is dawning and the edges of the night is starting to curl away.  A nap will be in order if possible later, but for now fresh brewed coffee, and waiting for my sweetie to wake up will be my morning treat. Until the next time,  I wish you all blessings and Peace and Light Always!



About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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