Furry Companions

IMG_0006 When you encounter a constant drone of faces, that judge your status of having an invisible illness, day in and day out it gets old fast.  I finally came to realize that no amount of discussion or evidence is going to convince the naysayer because they won’t open their mind up enough to allow for your being sick or in pain all the time if they cannot “see it”.  It doesn’t exist for them.  After awhile you realize life is too short to waste on trying to convince them.  Besides, they make you feel worse anyways so do you really want to convince them so they are in your life even more?

I had to ask myself that finally. Even though many are family is it worth it? I realized at last, No it is not worth it.  When you only have a handful of spoons to make it through the day wasting them on exhausting yourself explaining leaves you not being able to do another task for yourself that might be a lot more healthy.

I realized the other day that my dog, Jasper, my lovely Jasper, who loves me unconditionally and never asks me to explain why I am in my bathrobe at noon is in reality my best companion.  He never questions how I am feeling or judges me if I can’t do the dishes.  Hugs and kisses are pretty common and readily available from him.

Much research has been done that concludes having a dog or other furry friend in our lives actually helps us chronically ill folks to feel better, to relax those spazzed muscles aching throughout our body, to feel less stressed out!  What a wonderful gift they bring to us!  There is an increasing awareness in the medical profession that dogs bring physiological and psychological benefits to folks who have chronic pain conditions.  Being social creatures, and very loyal, they posses a strong need to communicate.  This inherent trait encourages interaction among the people around them promoting  a more interactive social environment.  They help by providing us loyalty, empathy, sharing and unconditional acceptance.

The physiological effects  of dogs being in our lives slows our heart rate and lowers the release of stress chemicals.  Research has shown that even brief interactions with them can provide measurable beneficial effects.  The tactile stimulation provided when we touch them increases good neurological stimulation that helps to relax us.  Just the act of petting them has shown a reduction in stress hormones while lowering heart rates, blood pressure and breathing rates.

I decided to create some colorful dog bandanas by tie dyeing them. Seeing this around my dogs neck brings smiles as he looks so incredibly handsome with his new adornment. I do not know if it makes him feel any different but I do know he loves presents. And I know it made me feel good to make it for him as a way of saying hey buddy thanks for all you do for me!!  I have some available if anyone is interested in getting one for their 4 legged companion. You can view what is available at my web store at http://www.2sistersgiftsgalore.com.

I hope that you have the gift of a furry 4 legged companion in your life. And if not, maybe you will be inspired to consider getting one.  Make sure to check your local animal shelters and rescue one that needs a forever home.  You will be glad you did!  Much peace, love, blessings and gentle hugs to all of you!

Cindy Matusky

About C. Matusky

Owner of retail online store selling items for gifts and to help folks like myself who have chronic pain conditions.
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